About Us

Semangat Baratama (Depok, Indonesia)

participate in various projects with several years experience , we also design the hydraulic system in accordance with the needs and desires of consumers ,

Repair and testing hydraulic parts and hydraulic cylinders .
We provide service after the sale with experienced engineering and testing fafilitas part in our workshop .

We also supply machines for the manufacture of parts with a focus on local demand for safety as industrial parts , utensils , tools, machinery , etc. with the machine so as to produce products with high precision


Semangat Baratama merupakan distributor spare part hidrolik terkemuka dan terpercaya di Indonesia. Sparepart hidrolik yang Kami jual seperti Hydraulic Part, Hydraulic Pumps and Motors, Hydraulic Product, Drilling Rig, Alat Fabrikasi, Cylinder Hydraulic, Accesoris Drilling, Power Unit, dan banyak lagi. Produk yang kami jual memiliki kualitas bagus dan harga yang kompetitif.


Jl. H. Nidi Kampung Baru Rt 004/02 Serua Bojong Sari Depok
Depok , Indonesia


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