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Aksesoris Drilling Hoisting Plug
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Specification of Aksesoris Drilling Hoisting Plug

It is one of the drilling accessories to easily raise and lower the drill rod and casing. The product is built from the best quality components, ensuring superior reliability and enhancing and lowering the drill rifle safely. Hoisting plug is a rotary connection that allows attaching the drill rig cable to drill string to lift or lower the drill string to or out of the borehole. This tool was created covering all drilling requirements, features:

- Heavy Duty Thrust Bearings
- High Tensile Steel Spindles
- Alloy Steel Rod Adaptors
- High Strength Lifting Eyes
- Simple Construction
- High Lifting Capacity

The spirit of Baratama Energi provides a variety of drilling accessories for both fabrication and machining. Our products are supported by precision machines and reliable operators. For Hoisting Plug itself in use on drilling exploration that serves as connector between winch and pipe to unplug the pipe. The body and spindle designs allow for the installation of the appropriate adapter with a threaded drill or casing yarn to suit your drilling application.

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