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Hydraulic Hose
Hydraulic Hose
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Specification of Hydraulic Hose

Is one of the hydraulic spare parts in the form of high-voltage hoses, synthetic rubber, thermoplastic or Teflon which carry fluid to transmit power into the hydraulic machine. Made in three basic parts. The inner tubes carry fluid. This is reinforced by a braided wire sheath, spiral wire wire or textile based yarn. The third protective outer layer provides protection from weather, abrasion, oil or chemicals. This type of hose is designed for use in certain mechanical applications. In most cases hydraulic hoses are designed for size, length and have special connectors to work on a particular machine.

This hydraulic spare part can change the strength of a few ounces of pressure into hundreds of tons of output. By using hydraulic hoses, hydraulic engines can produce very strong low-speed torque and adjust the speed and movement of the engine with extreme accuracy. A hydraulic pump or a single compressor can pass through a hydraulic hose. Hydraulic powered engines can operate safely in areas where there is flammable vapor and electrical or electronic devices can trigger an explosion by using this type of hose.

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